A holon is an evolving self-organizing structure, composed of other holons. A holon is simultaneously a whole in itself and at the same time is nested within another holon and so is a part of something much larger than itself.

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Stackable Organizations

Holons is a digital infrastructure for liquid remuneration.

Using with the latest blockchain technologies, holons allows to create companies and split payments across a network of collaborators, according to a dynamic weight. Each Holon has its own Ethereum address where Ether or any ERC20 tokens can be sent. Any received value will be automatically split across its members.


About Holons

Create an new organization

Form an holon with your collaborators. Holons can be stacked : Other holons can also join as members!

Give Appreciation

Appreciation is the default signal to highlight contributions to the purpose of the holon

Share Rewards

Every ether or ERC20 sent to the holon will be divided according to the accumulated appreciaton

Holons come in flavours

Depending on the group preferences, every holon can be initialized with different settings, allowing all sorts of organizations and reward structures to arise.

Blanket holon

Reward every member equally, no question asked

Appreciation holon

Share reward according to the level of appreciation received from other members

Hybrid holon

The best of both worlds: a percentage of the reward is splitted equally, while the rest is splitted according to the appreciation received.

Pop up holon

Set a deadline, noone will be able to make changes to the holon after that.

Time based holon

Account for the hours spent on the project from each member

Add your own ..

You can choose to create your own flavour and to upload it to the system. People will pick it up if they find it more useful than others!

Enter the future of scale-free organizations and collaborations

Every new holon will be tracked forever on the blockchain. Open one now, and be amongst the first movers in the holonic revolution.

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